Thomas Jefferson 4South (4East) as we know it is no more...

The women of the 9th floor will now occupy this infamous and historic floor. It is not their fault and we do not blame them. An expanding FRESHMAN program known as Voyager displaced them. As the name may imply, in this situation women have superiority. Thus, in order not to displace the women of the 9th floor, the residents of the 4th floor were displaced to make room. Doom on us...

All hope is not lost, however. Although 4South is dead, 4East lives on and will fight to uphold the principles and general reputation of 4South/4East.

Much thanks is given to the members, honorary members, and all who have helped support our endeavors. We salute you and wish you well in all you attempt.

Let us all remember the good times and never let our memories fade - never loose sight of where we're going and who has helped us along the way. Let us remember too that although 4South will no longer be our home, 4South is a just a place of lodging - it is inanimate. 4East is the people - the residents and friends of 4South. It is the people who make the difference - the people who make the memories and help us in this journey of life.

4South, you've seen us through for so long, but now it's time to say goodbye.

Goodbye old friend - 4East will miss you.