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Back in the Day: Static Line Jump

Perhaps this is more suited for throwback Thursday, but I came across this old video from college and thought I'd put it on the blog while I was thinking about it. Of course, I had to use that as an excuse to write a Jenkins job to upload videos to s3 (incorporating what I learned from posting the duet by Kenton and Duane). It's Tuesday so at least #TBT still works :P

I used aproxacs/s3sync to upload to S3. To make everything readable by the public by default in the video bucket, I used an example from Granting Read-Only Permission to an Anonymous User.

It was pretty straight forward - the only hiccup was that s3sync doesn't want to upload individual files - I had to create a directory and then call s3sync like:

s3sync ./${SYNC_DIR}/

Here's Jenkins build step (shell command) - UPLOADED_FILE and PREVIEW_FILE are file parameters.

# Can't get s3sync to work without copying directory contents!

mkdir -p ${SYNC_DIR}


ffmpeg -i ${SYNC_DIR}/${UPLOADED_FILE} -c:a libfdk_aac -c:v h264 -preset medium -crf 25 ${SYNC_DIR}/${NEW_FILE_NAME}

s3sync ./${SYNC_DIR}/

cat << EOF > URLs.txt
URLS for setting up JWPlayer for your account:${UPLOADED_FILE}${PREVIEW_FILE}


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